Accenture Accenture Technology Summer Internship 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden

Accenture Technology Summer Internship 2019

Practice as an Accenture Consultant, helping our clients with the latest in IT and Technology development

Job Location: Stockholm

Are you a technology savvy, soon to be bachelor or master graduate with a passion for IT? Do you want to pursue an IT driven consulting career?

Accenture’s Technology Summer Internship gives you the opportunity to kick-start an IT and Technology consulting career. As a summer intern at Accenture, you will embark on a real project, based in our Technology business area, working together with the best people in the industry, at the forefront of digitizing customers’ everyday work. You will be part of the day-to-day work of an Accenture consultant team, to implement and deliver large-scale IT solutions, bringing new innovative IT solutions to our clients and helping our clients become high performance businesses.

In Accenture’s “New IT program”, we work to break the traditional constraints on systems and practices with new agile ways of working and innovating. You will have the opportunity to learn about our focus in supporting our clients with technology innovation, in areas such as mobility, virtualization, artificial intelligence and automation. Accenture internship provides an invaluable experience as well as a powerful reference for any future employment.

Job Description:

Accenture's Summer Internship lasts from June 3rd to August 16th 2019.

The internship program begins with an introduction to Accenture and the way we run our business. Subsequently, you enrol directly on a project as a full-fledged member of the Accenture team. Your responsibilities will be equivalent to those of our newly graduate employees.

Typically, you are part of a team that delivers large-scale, complex projects that integrate business processes and IT technology at our clients. Your tasks may include:

Understanding and translating of customers’ needs into a solution through the process of requirements gathering. Developing business critical software for high-volume batch, transactional, real-time, or stream processing. Creating tools and participating in system, integration, security, or performance tests. Learning and working with cloud-based or on-premise ERP platforms from our partner corporations like SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft® or Salesforce®. Preparing and delivering training for end-users. Conducting research, writing pre-study reports or analyzing data.

During the internship program we will also focus a great deal on teambuilding and social activities where you will get the chance to network with your fellow Internship participants along with regular Accenture consultants. You will be paid a salary, as well as benefits such as free sports events with Accenture IF.

Basic Qualifications:

We are mainly looking for students within IT and engineering programs. You do not need to have previous hands-on system knowledge. However, the most important prerequisite is a passion for working with IT and software technology.

You have maximum one year left of your studies for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, with a strong desire to work in an IT driven environment where systems and technology are key components.

We will offer both IT-focused and more functional roles related to system development. We are looking for high-performing, accountable individuals with a strong sense of job ownership and a passion for problem solving - people who love working on new and challenging projects in a team environment at client-site.

Fluency in both Swedish and English is required both verbally and in writing.


The application period for Accenture Technology Summer Internship 2019 lasts from November 27th 2018 to January 6th 2019.

Please apply through the link below. Please note that we are unable to accept applications via e-mail.

For questions regarding the internship, please contact:

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