Accenture Consultor - Finance CFM in São Paulo – São Paulo, Brazil

Join Accenture and help transform leading organization and communities around the world. Accenture is one of the leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies.

Be part of people in the Corporate Function career track contribute to the running of Accenture as a high- performance business through specialization within a specific functional area, and grow into internally focused roles by deepening their skills and/or developing new skills within an internal functional area.

Finance professionals prepare and interpret financial plans and reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance with applicable financial rules and regulations, including internal financial controls, to mitigate risk for the company. May also shape and execute client deals to maximize the use of Accenture's capital and resources, manage cash and/or liaise with the investor community.

Job description:

  • Support the financial company from non-contractual costs to lead the growth platform, including support planning, forecasting and analysis.

  • Assist as a medium of financial contact and business consultant, generation of information, management of scenarios and solutions.

  • Work on human resources recruitment, country service unit, geographic services and information system to optimize profitability and risk across the growth platform.

Main activities:

  • Elaborate, and plans, of non-contractual costs and quarterly forecasts;

  • Monitor, analyze and report performance vs. plan and forecast, highlighting the exceptional areas that need leadership attention;

  • Support and work closely with the National Comptroller, Geographic Services, Human Resources, Workplace and Technical Support teams in precise plans, forecasts and data routing that affect records;

  • Provide central support in reporting to people within the delivery;

  • Monthly closing: collection of collections, process of accumulation, monitoring and adequate adjustments in NCC;

  • Control and review of internal accounts plan and mapping of business activities; Structure management: Porfit center, cost center and WBS;

  • Perform special tasks for executives (eg ad hoc reports, trend analysis, costing and forecasting);

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Requirements for position:

  • Fluent English,

  • Desirable Spanish;

  • Training in Economics, Economics and / or related areas;

  • Previous experience in management and cost orientation, knowledge in payroll;

Accenture does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, color, sex, age, not incapacitating disability to function, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or for any other reason prohibited by local law. This opportunity is extended to all people with disabilities. We request that is described in the curriculum the kind of disability, and it requires some special feature to develop their work.