Accenture CN - Strategy - MC – Products – CG&S - 11 in Mumbai, India

General Business Consulting:

• Understands balance sheets or financial statements and can describe inter-relationship between statements and draw conclusions about a company’s performance. Can develop insights based on findings through advanced financial and other quantitative analysis and forecasting techniques

• Can solve an unstructured problem where brief provided is minimum. Solves the problem by breaking down into structured modules. Can help identify and structure key issues into an issue tree and set of hypotheses and plan

• Can develop preliminary strategy and operating model by compiling and drawing insights from Research and Analysis of client’s business market competitors. Makes appropriate inferences even if information available is insufficient interprets data in context of industry and company specific issues

• Understands intermediate economic principles including opportunity costs marginal utility elasticity and GNP. Also understands company’s key strategic or operational issues -market definition industry trends client issues

• Can describe journey lifecycle and its impact on client’s vision and can influence client peers to align efforts with the overall organization vision

• Provides proposal support with minimal supervision. Articulates ideas prepares business cases and models

• Provides proposal support with minimal supervision. Articulates ideas prepares business cases and models

• Can successfully sell and deliver projects across Industry groups or SLs

Client and Project Management:

• Has strong project management skills. Leads project management for module or for a small sized project

• Works on client site and leads an area or module with minimal supervision.

• Talks to clients and stakeholders independently both onshore and onsite


• Has very strong written and verbal communication skills. Confidently communicates data and findings to enable insight development. Shares findings in group discussions manages informational or clarifying questions. Advocates a point of view

• Has very strong deck writing skills. Can make a crisp deck with a compelling storyline

• Makes presentation to the client. Lead presentations at a module or project level. Brings and shares perspective across business or offerings and Service Lines

Industry Skills:

• Industry Expertise: Experience in Consumer Goods Industry is highly desirable

• Should have worked as an E commerce Manager or Digital Marketing Manager in a CPG company min of 1 year of field sales experience preferred

• Deep skills and experience in specialized industry offering - Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

• Deep understanding of CPG industry and e commerce listing and fulfillment

• A minimum of 1-2 years of progressive industry and or or in Consumer Goods Industry

• Process Design understanding would be preferred

• Strong program management skills

MBA from a tier 1 institute