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Accenture DB2 Database Administrator in Manila, Philippines

Proactively provide Database structure, usability and performance improvements

review query performance reports such as Oracle or SQL Server Access Plans for inefficiencies and performance issues.

Analyze Database activity, performing application Database performance tuning, and maintaining test and production Databases

Provide updated SQL queries or indices to improve performance.

Work with Data Architects and physical DBAs to

request the implementation or modification of Databases in development, test, QA and production environments

review data volumetric information on an on-going basis, and notify physical DBAs of any changes from current levels and

improve Database performance.

Provide consultation and advice on new queries and stored procedures.

Review new queries and stored procedures on an exception basis, at Exelon request, where special skill, knowledge or techniques are required.

Participate in the creation and maintenance of test data sets to support various test requirements, including but not limited to system tests, performance tests and in-scope user acceptance tests.

Provide assistance in the deployment of Database Changes, and support the back out of failed changes;

maintain data dictionary systems and

document all changes to Databases.

Experience administering and migrating DB2 Databases

Provide DB2 Database Administration support

Monitor database performance performed data change requests, migration and database maintenance.

Analyze capacity and growth of databases using various automated testing tools and performance optimization.

Support developers for efficient SQL query and performance.