Accenture SAP for Retail POS Data Transfer & Audit in Bengaluru, India

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Role :Application Developer

Role Description :Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.

Must Have Skills :SAP for Retail POS Data Transfer & Audit

Good To Have Skills :No Function Specialty

Job Requirements : 1 Responsibilities aUnderstanding of configuration of SAP POS DM/DTA Business transaction types: Sales, Financials, Totals, Inventory and Reversals b Ability to read XML data structures for retail point of sale transaction data, and create SAP mapping specifications to convert the XML POS data into the necessary RFC structures for SAP POS DM c depth understanding of ALE/IDOC processing to pass data from SAP POSDM/CAR into SAP Retail/FMS In-depth understanding of the SAP POS DM/DTA Pipe processing module 2 Professional Experience a having 5- 6 years of SAP POS DTA experience including SAP CAR experience with integration experience to Finance, Retail and Legacy systems b Expert and hands-on experience with POS system integration using SAP Retail and SAP CAR, especially areas around POS DM/DTA and other integration with other SAP Core modules c Good Understanding of Retail and Fashion business processes and having good communication skills

15 years of full time education